What is the first thing you think of when asked what is being transported by air? If your answer is exotic fruits and cut flowers from distant lands, you are quite right.

In general, all products that are expensive and valuable and need to arrive at their destination in a hurry can be transported by air freight; this transport route is both fast and safe.

WoW International Logistics GmbH is certified by the IATA, among others, and can therefore provide you with the best possible support in all your air freight projects, as this gives you access to all airlines worldwide.

Below you will find a small insight into our air freight sector:

  • Valuable classic cars- Machines for industry
  • Sensitive machines and devices for the medical industry (such as cardiac catheters)
  • Dangerous goods (such as lithium batteries, paint, thinners, varnishes, etc.)
  • Urgently needed spare parts for machines- pharmaceutical products
  • Plants
  • Temperature controlled products

We can carry out our air freight transports in various ways, depending on your requirements. We organize worldwide door-to-door transports for you, i.e. you only tell us when your product needs to be where and we will take care of the rest for you. We pick up the product from the sender and bring it to the airport of departure. We also manage all customs matters for you (processing of the preliminary run). After the flight (the main run), we will arrange for the onward transport of your product to the destination (on-carriage). Thanks to our cooperation with our worldwide partner networks (C5C – Connecting 5 Continents & WCAworld), the destinations are almost unlimited.If the transport is so urgent that there is no more time to wait in the cargo area, we also have the option of sending your product with an onboard courier. Here someone from our team takes your product directly and flies to the destination. This guarantees personal monitoring of your product during the entire transport.

Our air freight team has completed special dangerous goods training courses (in accordance with IATA DGR) in order to transport your dangerous goods safely. Here, too, we take care of the entire process (labeling, refilling or repackaging, as well as the documentation).Thanks to our certifications (IATA, LBA and AEO) you can be sure that you have a competent partner in the field of air freight at your side at all times.If you have any other matters relating to air freight, please do not hesitate to contact us.We work true to the words: “The more demanding, the more interesting”.