Keeping everything under control with the right logistic partner.


In these digital, high-speed times, demands on companies and on their logistics partners are growing worldwide. Distances and deadlines are becoming shorter and shorter, the assignments and problems increasingly complex. Today, more than ever, the key competitive factors are reliability and flexibility.

lt goes without saying that the means for organizing the details of freight transport have been developed virtually to perfection so as to ensure that everything runs smoothly. WOW International Logistics GmbH use sophisticated IT solutions for this purpose, enabling consignment tracking at any time as well as facilitating fast reaction in the event of any unplanned impediments.


Keeping on track with the right logistics partner.


Services can only be as good as the people behind them. Experience, drive and above all the ability to cope with individual assignments personally and reliably are what make the difference.

Together with our network partners, we offer you highly competent advice and goal-oriented, comprehensive solutions in all fields of logistics – from the optimal loading equipment, including load-securing gear, to managing and complying with international regulations.

Relax and concentrate on your core business while we make sure your shipments reach their international destinations.


You will have no weight problems with the right logistics partner.


Through our cooperation partners we have access to a network with which all truck transportation in Europe can be accomplished using around 60 highly efficient partners, with a broad range of logistical added-value services included.

Modern warehousing functions which include the services you need are, of course, also available:
We supply your points of use with the required materials, thus contributing to a smooth flow of production.

Our buffer storage facilities are also at your disposal to bridge the gap between your procurement, production and sales divisions. We can take over sorting work and assortment functions on your behalf, as well as dealing with your shipping orders.